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Quality is the watchword that spearheads every industry's success. And, ALIL 's absolute awareness drives it to constantly monitor, maintain and strive to excel its customer's expectation. To maintain this ALIL has a team of professional, with sophisticated equipments and critical standards, who ensure stringent implementation in the following areas;

Raw Material Inspection
Consumables/raw materials are thoroughly inspected, as per ISO 2500 part i or as per the customer standards.

Processed inspection
After inspection the materials are taken for processing and continuously monitored in the following process routes:

Peeling & Grinding
Peeling & Drawing
Drawing & Grinding

Final Inspection
100% final inspection is done at the end of the process.

ALIL has a well-equipped metallurgical laboratory to find out the chemistry of the material along with the hardness tester for better results. This laboratory is set-up with a magnified crack detector by which they do 100% crack detection before the supplies are made to its customers.