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Adwaith lakshmi has established a significant presence in the global premium hospitality industry. Our highly customized products have helped us establish ourselves as a preferred partner for international hotel chains.

Our meticulously crafted towels and bath robes are custom created for hotels and widely acclaimed in the industry for their durability and whiteness index. Rigorously tested for quality our hotel towels are designed and manufactured to consistently deliver the best bathing experiences.



Our customized collection of hand & bath towels, face cloth, XL bath, bath sheets and bath mats are incredibly soft and absorbent. Each product is process perfected to retain its color, texture and fresh feel even after multiple uses. Our custom made dobby and jacquard designs are the perfect combination of aesthetics and quality. Our customization for the industry includes the ability to weave or embroider any logo or name that is required by the customer.

Our collection is created with a focus on maximising comfort and durability while minimizing operational costs incurred by the customer to use and maintain the towels.


Delicately crafted for comfort our classic collection is a heady combination of design and utility.


Personalized for a premium bath experience our suite collection is an exclusive selection of incredibly soft and absorbent products.


Our fabulous towelling robes are made with best fabric construction so that the cotton feels thicker and soft, while remaining beautifully light, absorbent and fast drying. These bath robes are perfectly made for the institutional usage due to its comfort and durability. It has a variety of designs that can include a tie belt and patch pockets. Our bathrobes are the perfect addition to ensure a luxurious experience.

Our waffle bathrobes ensure that you step out of the shower in style. The fabulous white robes with cosy patch pockets, a wide collar and tie belts are made of beautifully textured cotton waffle. Due to the nature of the weave, the robe is cut to allow for slight shrinkage after its first wash, so it may feel a little generous for the first time you wear it.


Our soft Pool Towels are luxurious to feel, aesthetic to see and ideally sized for use. The collection is crafted with fine cotton and dyed to perfection with added durability and endurance to combat the chlorine in the pool. Manufactured for ease of use, our pool towels are super absorbent and dry in no time.


Created for a relaxing and indulgent experience, our premium spa towels are, soft and designed for the ultimate wellness experience. Custom crafted for spas and salons, the towels have enhanced durability and have a strong colour retention property against the creams and lotions applied.


Stay away from Microbes. Choose towels that help with everyday hygiene.

Our range of Healthcare Towels is a vital cog in our product array, manufactured specifically for hospitals and healthcare establishments They are super soft, superior in hygiene retention, quick drying and extremely durable to withstand disinfectants. We can offer Anti bacterial finish as a customised offering.


Our six decades of manufacturing experience has helped us learn the need of the laundry industry and have developed innovative products specially to maximise the revenue. Major industrial laundries partner with us for our quality products.


We are a global exporter of towel catering to the retail market. We are one of the most preferred suppliers to global retail chains and distributors. Our products are highly valued in the Indian luxury retail segment and supply to leading brands at home.