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Social Responsibility - Adwaith Lakshmi

Social Responsibility

At the Adwaith we not only think of meeting the needs of our customers we also consider it our responsibility to have a positive impact on the society.

We are a SA 8000 certified corporate group, following the best work place and human resource practices. We are keen to create a sustainable work culture and environment. We hope that our values will percolate into society through the families of our employees and create a lasting paradigm shift.

Green Energy for a Clean Planet

Adwaith endeavours to be a brand synonymous with sustainability. Our concentration on sustainability has fundamentally characterised key production decisions. We at the Adwaith are committed to reduce our global carbon footprint. Our sustainable initiatives of using solar and wind generated power for manufacturing the products are testimony to our commitment to create a better planet for tomorrow. Our wish to become carbon neutral in 2020 is in line with our sustainability goals.

Green Energy for a Clean Planet - Adwaith Lakshmi
Environmental Care - Adwaith Lakshmi

Environmental Care

Adwaith Group is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business, even our social concerns. We are committed to keeping our eco-system clean and have been instrumental in creating the social awareness in the Coimbatore city regarding water conservation. We have adopted tanks for restoration and rejuvenation activities in and around the city. This initiative has greatly helped sustain the water resources in the city.

Care for Heritage

We also take great pride in the history of our land and think that it is a gift that should be protected and passed on for all future generations to appreciate. We utilise our project management expertise to renovate and restore ancient temples and monuments across India.

Care for Heritage - Adwaith Lakshmi
Veda Padashala & Adwaith School - Adwaith Lakshmi

Already Blessed

100% Naturally made Incense sticks and cone Incense, collecting the wasted flowers from temples and recycling into Incense sticks and Cone Incense.

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