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Product: Coconut Dehusking Machine

Dynamism paves the way to sustainability and promising existence – Adwaith Lakshmi strongly believes in this and relentlessly performs Research and Development to innovate products that are sophisticated yet user friendly. They constantly emerge with new products and ensure product diversification perennially. The company apart from its mainstay of manufacturing Engineering as well as Home textile products also focuses on the utility machinery to support agricultural needs.

As Coconut is known as the ‘Kalpa Vriksha’ – Tree of Paradise in India. It is grown in over 93 countries of the world. Major countries are India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka which shared together 77 and 79 percent of the world’s coconut area and world’s coconut production, respectively. India is the second-largest producer of coconut in the world.

The recent decades have been witnessing a series of technological developments and educational advancements that have been a boon for the Indian Economy. However, these developments also have an adverse effect on sourcing manpower to do farming as well. It has been a challenge for the farmers to get people to do daily chores, especially on coconut farms, the most significant routine being the post coconut plucking activity – Dehusking.

The conventional methodology involves labor-intensive work like using simple tools to dehusk coconuts off their Exocarp and Mesocarp layers – in simple words shelling off the coconut from its outer fibrous layer. This process is the biggest challenge for Coconut Traders and Oil Mills wherein the coconut dehusking is a major process.

This scenario inspired Adwaith Lakshmi to produce a highly user-friendly device to dehusk coconuts – Adwaith CODEHUSKER, an efficient coconut dehusker that is customized to cater to the needs of the coconut farmers.

Its salient features give it an edge over other existing machines in attaining effectiveness thus making it the most sought-after product by the farmers and farm landowners.

  • Compact and absolutely user friendly with low power consumption , ergonomic design
  • A Dehusking blade with cutting tooth and blade side face angle.
  • Ability to remove husks starting at the basal portion, which is the softest part of the coconut
  • Capable of Dehusking 900 nuts per hour
  • Operable by a single person. Transportable to the work zone
  • The cutting tooth initiates the initial penetration of the blades while the side face angle can assist better piercing or shearing action onthe coconut husks.
  • The coconut base can be moved upward or downward and can accommodate different coconut sizes. Economical and affordable.
  • Backed by a corporate for stipulated time after sales service.

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